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Our Associates


Fortune Gamanya


Fortune is an accredited Facilitator and Balanced Scorecard Practitioner (Balanced Scorecard Institute in conjunction with the George Washington University). Fortune holds a diploma in Civil Engineering and she has completed her EMBA with the Graduate Business School, UCT.

She brings a wealth of experience in Organisational development, Lean Leadership, Strategy, Customer Relations and Change Management to her clients and draws a wealth of experience, having previously worked for a large international automative organisation. She is a faculty member for Duke corporate Education Global and is the Programme Director for Lean Leadership at the GSB, UCT. Fortune is interested in models that drive sustainable organisational performance and help human capital growth.

In her personal life, Fortune enjoys cooking, taking walks, hiking and is an aspiring runner.


Aradhana Bageloo

Facilitation Activator

Aradhana is an accredited Time To Think™ Thinking Partner and Facilitator. She has a BA Degree in Linguistics and Communications from the University of Natal and a Certificate in Marketing Management from IMM.

She has extensive experience in the field of Learning and Development and has managed teams and delivered across the learning life cycle with specific expertise in Learning Strategy and Solution Modelling. Aradhana is passionate about people and believes that business results are dependent on the untapped potential of people. She also believes in the gift of living a life of purpose for herself and all around her, in all that we do.

In her personal life Aradhana is fuelled by her daily practices of running; clean eating and Sudarshan Kriya as well as by the smiles of her husband and two children.


Susan Mukheibir

Psychologist and Facilitation Activator

Susan is a certified Time to Think™ Thinking Partner and Facilitator, who began her career in the field of Human Resources. She is also an accredited HBDI®, Whole Brain® Technology Practitioner.

Susan graduated with a Masters' Degree in Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch. She is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Her focus is on people development as well as the psychometric assessment of individuals and teams. Susan has been consulting for many years, exercising her broad range of skills to assist her business partners achieve their goals. Applying her Thinking Environment Facilitation skills, she has been able to see amazing changes in individuals as well as teams within organizations.  

In her personal life, Susan is a passionate tennis player and a devoted mom.


Alice Edy

Graphic Recorder and Visual Facilitator

Alice is a Visual Activator and specializes in visual communication, and works to support the facilitation process. Drawing live, in front of the group, the team watches as their content comes alive on a large canvas. Most people are visual learners, so Alice uses a combination of words and pictures to anchor the key points of a session in a fun and memorable graphic.

With an Honours Degree in Fine Arts and Master’s Degree specialising in Visual Communication, Alice is equipped to translate abstract concepts into powerful images that people remember. Alice spent 5 years working in the advertising, publishing and fashion industries, before discovering her passion for business and art. She now works exclusively in the corporate arena – facilitating innovative thinking via strategic images. Alice is also literature junkie of note.


Lesley Walder

Harvest Recorder

Lesley is a Harvest Recorder and Assistant Activator for CreateConsulting. She has extensive experience in the fields of office administration, event management, human resources and training. Lesley is certified in Secretarial Studies and Public Relations. She has over 20 years’ experience in the field of office administration, event management, team building and recognition programmes.

Lesley is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their goals. In her personal life, Lesley is a dedicated hip hop dancer and supporter of her children’s dancing, which has taken her to Las Vegas. While the music is playing, Lesley will always be dancing.


Fable Studio

Graphic Recorders & motionographers

Alice Walsh and Phillip Johnson make up this dynamic team. Together they work to translate, live, the ideas and messages of the facilitation process, resulting in a canvas that resembles a portrait of the day – alive with visual guides and a keepsake, symbolising the progress and promise of the participants.

Both have an Honours Degree in Fine Arts, with Phillip achieving his Master's Degree and working as an artist in the UK, Cape Town and Canada while Alice has worked as a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator until the two decided to join forces and start a company. Fable Studio focuses on visual communication, story-telling and information design with the output as infographics, illustration, graphic design and motion graphics or animation.

Together they share a passion for visual brilliance, information design, art, animation, cinematography and story-telling which fuels their work (with the help of coffee). A mutual love of the outdoors and adventure sports keeps them busy in between office hours.


Sascja Bowes

Imagineer and Facilitation Activator

Sascja is a Marketer, Storyteller and an Imagineer. She has a BCom degree and has many years’ of experience working with blue chip global and local brands in areas covering learning and facilitation, marketing and staff engagement. Sascja has a well-rounded and comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing organisations and staff alike. With a belief that “everyone matters”, her passion is to help organisations align external and internal brand to engage and empower staff to create connection, growth and individual contribution greater than themselves.

She is passionate about staff engagement campaigns and journeys that sizzle. Sascja is an accredited Victim Support Volunteer for the South Africa Police Service, and cares deeply about helping victims of crime and violence regain their confidence in the world.


Helen During

Coach and Facilitation Activator

Helen is an accredited Time to Think™ Thinking Partner and Facilitator. She is a Professional Integral Coach (ICF ACC) and this allows her to coach and facilitate the development of group listening and thinking skills.

Helen has coached an array of individuals and believes the key to working with people is in understanding their personal fingerprint, which has been shaped by circumstances pertinent to them only. Helen is a faculty member for The Centre for Coaching, GSB, UCT. She is also an accredited HBDI®, Whole Brain® Technology and Level 2 Enneagram Practitioner. With her strong corporate and entrepreneurial background, she is ideally placed to understand the challenges that both individuals and teams face in a society that is continuously shifting.

In her personal life, Helen is a passionate humanitarian and hiker and climbs mountains for good causes (literally).