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Learning Solutions

We provide and design learning solutions to empower and enable individual, team and Organisational Performance, which can be contextualized to each environment we work with.

  • The Art of Influencing

  • Managing and Navigating Change

  • The Balanced Scorecard: Strategic

  • Performance Management

  • Leading Self for Personal Mastery

  • Lean Thinking for Leaders

  • Coaching for Cohesion

  • Mentoring for Mastery

  • Leading and Aligning Performance 

  • Leadershifts: Awareness Techniques to Transform the Quality of your Work and Life

  • Design Thinking

  • Execution Thinking

  • The Art of Facilitation

  • Releasing the Servant Leader

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.
— Abigail Adams



Using the The Thinking Environment®, Theory-U methodology (Otto Scharmer) and Whole Brain® Thinking as a framework, CreateConsulting designs customised processes and strategic planning sessions to help leadership teams and organisations reach their objectives and achieve business goals. We do this through various small and large group processes, including Open Space Technology, Circle, Appreciative Inquiry, African Dialogue Tools and The World Café methodology.

The right questions for the right people at the right time are at the heart of healthy group process – a top priority in effective and dynamic facilitation.
— Dorothy Strachan



We have a team of Executive and Leadership Coaches, who provide Coaching in South Africa and Internationally, to a large number of organisations, including small privately-owned companies, NGO’s and large multi-nationals, using the Integral Coaching, The Thinking Environment® and Whole Brain® Coaching Frameworks.  The coaches aim to create self-awareness and improve decision making in order to enable their clients to further their strategic goals

Your attitude towards anything in life is completely under your control.
— Micah Lacerte


The Create Leaders Academy

The Create Leaders Academy (CLA) is a modular-based Leadership Development journey for new and existing leaders in an organisation.

It is designed on the basis of adult learning principles in order to optimise the learning experience for each individual. The blended learning journey consists of facilitator-led sessions, classroom learning, case studies, syndicate group work and relevant action projects aimed at organisational performance improvement. There is an application period of 1-2 months between modules. Participants are expected to participate in group exercises, presentations, individual assignments and group action projects for the duration of the Create Leaders Academy.

3 modules consisting of 3 days per module


Module 1

Leading a Whole Brained®
Thinking Environment®


Module 2

Leading for Business Performance


Module 3

Leading Self


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